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Living the Gospel

We are in a unique position to make an impact in someone's life. We know what it is like to struggle in life, in relationships, in school, and on our jobs. Yet, we also know the power of Christ. 

Living the Gospel is essential.  Making More Room in our life for Christ is critical.  What part will you play in making that happen for someone else.  Until Jesus come, we will continue to face challenges and struggles in life, but we can decide how they will affect our life.  We can decide if we are going to be powerless or through Christ, powerful.  

Dare to Live for Christ

It saddens me to think that many people have given up. We all want something, to do something that matters.


Unfortunately, many have given up and have allowed what they believe about life, people, etc., to rob them of a happy, successful and fulfilling life. 

The good news is it is not too late. I strongly encourage you to reexamine your strengths, weaknesses, gifts and talents. 

This time offer  them and your wants, needs and desires to the Lord. How? By seeking Him with all your, mind and soul to determine His will.  Once you know what God's will is for your life, get excited because you will experience the presence and power of the Holy Spirit working in you, sharing the gospel.   You've kept Him waiting long enough. 

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