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My Story


On July 20, 2009, I was officially diagnosed with a learning ability. I say officially because several years prior, the Lord shared with me that I had dyslexia.  I also learned that I was not alone.  Millions of people, young and old, have some form of dyslexia, which is a neurological disorder that affects a person’s ability to learn how to read, write, and spell. It is an inherited disorder, and unless God intervenes, it doesn’t go away. I will have dyslexia for the rest of my life.  Also, dyslexia is just one type of learning disability, each affecting a person differently.  As with any disability or disorder, a person will fall somewhere on a continuum ranging from mild to profound. The good news is that children, teens, and adults can learn to read, write, and advance in school due in part to the advancement of research. 

What is not often openly discussed is the emotional trauma and spiritual impact having a disability may have on a person (e.g., feeling defeated, hopelessness, learned helplessness, low self-worth, and isolation). 

Our Abilities

I am thankful that God encouraged me to not give up on His dream that I would one day earn a doctoral degree. It was tough and there were days I wondered if I would be able to reach this goal. However, in 2016 I was awarded a doctorate in Psychology with a specialization in Educational Psychology. 


The greatest lesson I learned is that God's grace is sufficient; it is more than enough, even for healing my wounded heart from the emotional impact of having a disability (2 Corinthians 12:9). I also believe that each person that has a disability is uniquely gifted by God to take part in His work. 

I have often shared that God has a sense of humor that His purpose for me would include writing and speaking on His behalf. Remember, I have dyslexia; however, this has never been a deterrent for the Lord. All He requires is a willing, trusting heart that I daily surrendered my dyslexia and its emotional impact to Him (Isaiah 55:11). 


The Beginning

My writing started when I began to keep journals. This was an outlet for me to put down on paper my daily struggles with life. Then I began to notice when I would read something from God's word or hear something in a song that encouraged or challenged me, I knew I had to capture it in some way that I could pass it along to someone else. My first venture of seriously writing came in the form of creating greeting cards. I never published them, but I still have them and plan to do so. 

Then I became interested in writing a book. I laugh now because back then, self-publishing was not very popular, and I didn't think anyone would be that interested in what I had to say. I certainly didn't think I could compete with those famous authors. Yet, I found myself writing and writing. I can't tell you how many books I have started that I never finished. At some point, I think I gave up on writing and publishing a book and poured myself into creating websites. I figured if I never published a book, my websites would be a vehicle that I could write for God. Those websites never took off... The desire to put my story, journey with dyslexia, never left me, and this went on for ten years. 


The Grace to be Authentic

One day while expressing my frustration to the Lord, I knew I could not put it off any longer. Self-publishing was the new kid on the block. Everyone seems to be going in that direction, which gave me the courage to dust off that old manuscript and give it another try. So I poured myself into re-writing my story. The original version had been edited, but because I practically rewrote the book, I struggled with going back through the editing phase again. I took this to the Lord, and the most amazing thing happened. He encouraged me not to have it re-edited... to let it stand, and He would do the rest. He would ensure that people were blessed by the content, the message, and not be turned off by the grammar mistakes they were sure to find.


I will be honest, it took me a while to be comfortable with this because I know it is stressed that the biggest turn-off when people read anything is when they find grammatical mistakes. Yet, I wanted to be authentic, real. I wanted others with the same disorder to put away their shame of the disorder and abandon themselves in the will and gift of God in their writing. So in June of 2019, my first book, The Other Side of Dyslexia was published, mistakes and all. Then in 2020 I revised the book, changed the title and republished it. The new title is Dyslexia: Dare to be Restored to the Image of God. I also wrote a two devotional books. One titled Not Ashamed and the other one is titled Faithful Unto the End. I have never regretted the decision to be my own editor.

In addition, I started a text ministry where I send out an encouraging word from the Lord to a group of people. I've discovered that Gospel Writers have endless possibilities to write and share the Gospel of  Christ.  Just to keep things interesting I started a Podcast called Dyslexia: Uniquely Gifted.  I plan to also start a YouTube Channel. So please keep the prayers coming. 

It's Never Over

As stated earlier, the possibilities are endless. It only takes an open, accessible heart to the Lord. Side note: I started using Grammarly this year. I'm comfortable with this level of editing and believe that it doesn't take away from my need to express myself as a dyslexic writer. 

So you see, I am a Gospel Writer today because love must find a way to express itself. I love the Lord and I love writing to and for Him. I found that He always has someone for me to send words of encouragement, comfort, guidance, yes, even corrections to. But most of all, I became a Gospel Writer because it has given me a glimpse into the heart of God, and I get to share those intimate moments with you.

God gave me a dream and that is to make Him known through writing, podcasting, public speaking. I never would have believed someone like me could publish three books and have plans to write many more.  But God knew if I trusted Him and trusted my dyslexic journey to Him, He would make something beautiful come out of it.


I still have dreams, some big, some small. I'm no longer afraid to dream. Why? Because, I know that God is more than capable of helping me reach every goal He sets for me. There is truly nothing impossible when we place our dreams in the Lord's hand and trust His leading.  


My God bless you as you pursue your dream to live for Christ and serve Him faithfully.

Dry Plants


I'm always looking to connect with adults with dyslexia. I would love to hear your story. Let's connect.

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